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  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE PARIS v5 MultiWii - Plug n Play -> iPhone PIDS -> 50m
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE PARIS v5 MultiWii - Plug n Play -> iPhone PIDS -> 50m
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE PARIS v5 MultiWii - Plug n Play -> iPhone PIDS -> 50m
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE PARIS v5 MultiWii - Plug n Play -> iPhone PIDS -> 50m
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  • In cleanflight just enable MSP on UART3 - SAVE - connect to FLEX port of hero32 -  you are ready to go
  • BLE4  = Paris BLE is 100% compatible with "Mobile Flight" App for CleanFlight & BetaFlight - Tested with AIR3 and AIR2r2 Nov 2016 - connect via Flexport - For AIR3 change molex wire sequence to GND/R/T/5v (supplied as GND/5v/R/T for Paris v5)

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE PARIS v5 MultiWii - Plug n Play -> iPhone PIDS -> 50m

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Product Description

 Low energy bluetooth BT 4.0 - BLE - for iPhone -> PARIS v5r3 - ;;  or Android -> PARIS Hero32 -    This is the pre-programmed and pre-configured PARIS BLE Bluetooth plug-n-play module for PARIS Sirius v5r3 Mega iOSD for Comm port 0 (Port (0) zero is the port shared by the USB but you cannot communicate with both plugged in together - it's one , or the other) - It features a 50m operating radius LOS for in flight wireless GUI analysis and calibration of the PARIS v5r3 or v4r6 air-ground-air - With a second person as an assistant (so the pilot can fly safely) - >  use these Bluetooth modules to monitor data and check in-flight MAG performance data Sats in view.  For Pilot-only ops - just land to alter the GUI settings via Bluetoth on your iPhone - no need to shut down and hardwire anything .  We also like Bluetooth for MAG calibrations so the Scarab aircraft can be taken away from the PC and rotated 360° in X,Y & Z without wires and the PC itself effecting the accuracy of the MAG calibration.  Checking inflight Mag calibration is very important to GPS setup. 

 Generally EZGUI on Android device is the most reliable with BLE over the years - Thanks to Bart author of EZGUI ! Works well for direct USB->Android on PARIS v5r3 and also by this BLE


  • for PARIS v5r3 Mega iOSD and iPhone (note the iOS software Developer has not updated the app for the latest iOS in recent days, so ATM we don't recommend this for iPhone- in iTunes search for "Multiwii GUI" for iPhone   ;  we have it working with an older iPhone - but cannot connect with our latest Phone. Please email the Dev to discuss his Free App Dev and donate to help [email protected] Mr Yue He
  • 2016  - Works well with EZGUI on Android BLE equipped phones/devices - be sure to check you have BLE (not just Bluetooth)
  • 2016 November ! NEW software - Works well on Flex port with AIR32 AIR32r2 and AIR3 using new software CleanFlight-Mobile-Flight for iPhone - NOTE be sure to change the pins sequence on the molex to match AIR32 flex port of GND/R/T/Vcc (as supplied for Paris v5 = GND/Vcc/R/T only) - we also tested it with BetaFlight and works too.
  • 115200 baud
  • 5.0v
  • Pre-configured to Slave
  • Only 4.3grams with wires/connector
  • size 15x40mm x 5h
  • Ultra-bright BLUE status LED for full sunlight
  • Heatshrink pre-applied
  • Compatible with iPhone with BT 4.0 
  • Carries the passcode 000000 and the wireless name PARIS
  • Comes with a 145mm neat twisted black cable and Micro Molex 1.25mm connector for v5r3 (older PARIS boards require that you cut the plug away and solder the wires to the pins on the bottom of the FTDI input use a DMM to identify the wires after cutting off the plug)


Works with Apple iPhone and iPad (as a iphone app )


  • Requires you download the FREE app
  • Requires mounting on the aircraft - use velcro or tape - not included
  • Requires a PARIS v5r3 (also works with PARIS v5r1 PnP)  note : for PARIS v4r6 user must comment and write their code for MW2.3 firmware in the PARIS v4r6 themselves as PARIS v4r6 is not supported past MW2.2 used at end of life
How to use PARIS BLE In cleanflight just enable MSP on UART3 and you are ready to go on Android with Hero32
(NOTE  : first move the pins in the ble plug to the correct positions as marked on the Hero32 case G.T.R.Vcc)


For  PARIS v4 & PARIS v5r3 - and iPhone
  • NOTE : PARIS USB and PARIS Bluetooth do NOT work concurrently - so disconnect PARIS-Bluetooth when connecting by USB.  You cannot load firmware by bluetooth.
  • Connect the BT unit to the v5r3 port "Serial 0" - or if a v4r6 PARIS board at the "RS 232 port" - the silver side of the plug faces the CPU - dont force the connector until your sure you have it the right way -  check the connector the pins are off to one side - NOTE this - the pins on the plug must FACE UP
  • Power up the PARIS board with 5v
  • The blue Bluetooth LED on the Bluetooth board will "blink"
  • On your iPhone - launch the FREE app called MultiWii GUI - go to setting ; Bluetooth Pairing ; press tap to SCAN - Click on PARIS - once connect a "tick" will apear next to the PARIS - you have now paired/Added a bluetooth device
  • press the App lower left icon called DASHBOARD - then press the top orange button called "MultiWii Connect"
  • The Bluetooth LED (bright BLUE) will lock solid Blue (stops blinking)  press PID - you should see immediately see all the pids - press write to save changes.



For AIR v1 and AIR v2 use the oLED here to tune PIDs


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