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  • Bearing set, NMB Japan - fits 3100kv Red/Black series
  • Bearing set, NMB Japan - fits 3100kv Red/Black series

Bearing set, NMB Japan - fits 3100kv Red/Black series

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45.00 Grams
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Product Description

Set of 2 x CarbonBird™ Motor bearings - NMB replacement part - Fits the RED/BLACK "mini" Series of motors released July 2014->   including 3100kv    


High quality NMB USA bearing 

size - fits the 3100kv CarbonBird - be sure to check your motor and compare to the photo above first

1 x small top bearing 

1 x small bottom main bearing 


Important Notes

  • Keep away from sand and dusty areas - a few minutes hovering around in abrasive dust can damage your bearings!
  • Bearings require oil - one drop of oil on installation - 1 drop every 5 hours running - wipe away excess.
  • Professionals Plan ahead - keep some spare bearing on hand in advance, and/or keep a spare motor on hand.
  • Bearings are sometimes mistaken to be faulty when the issue is a incorrect SHAFT depth tension setting (shaft is set to short or with play) Motor noises can also start from a dusty/sandy take-off or landing , or a crash or pilot assymetrical tool forces on the collet, which bends the prop-shaft or collet or both - be sure to check trueness of the shaft if bearing replacement does not have an immediate effect of reducing motor noise.
  • never expose to moisture or Loctite - do not try to install with any kind of Loctite - High risk! - Loctite entering any bearing will permanently damage it!
  • can be damaged by metal hammer forces on the side - always use a plastic mallet - and Aluminium tap  - to remove old bearings - motor must be apart - hold the stator section by hand - NEVER in a vice - strike with a plastic mallet - nylon punch
  • for full motor care  - see motor care page - CarbonBird motors 
  • can be damaged in minutes if exposed to high hardness particles - micro-size abrasive sand/dust particles - choose your take off and landing zones carefully !  We recommend carry a large mat and using that as a LZ
  • put a small circumference of industrial grease in the outer edge  of the stator,  then push bearing in - don't put grease into the bearing itself - bearing runs on auto oil 20W50 - this vicosity works very well - also later the bearing can be changed easily if grease is used - we don't recommend loctite go anywhere near bearings
  • Set the pressure of the shaft correctly - bearings are held in under axial compression & run smooth and silent if the axial pressure of the delrin washer(against the distance to the grub screw)  is correct ; if the shaft depth-to-grub-screw is too tight the engine will not spin freely - if the pressure is too loose and the engine has free play the engine will vibrate against the cogging forces of the magnets

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