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  • drone charger Balance Port extender XH for 106B+ or 206B AU NZ USA
  • drone charger Balance Port extender XH for 106B+ or 206B

Balance Port extender XH for 106B+ or 206B

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90.00 Grams
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Product Description

The XH JST balancer port extender is for our iCharger 106B+ and 206B Chargers - It connects to the 6S port on the right side of the charger and extends the accessibility of the balance ports.  Its main function is to allow the charging of 2s LiPo packs in series ; or 3S LiPo packs in series.  Only the balance connectors need be connected from the left side.  So 2 x 3S LiPo are then charged and balanced as a 6S LiPo - this technique is only suitable for cells which are at a similar voltage to begin with.

We use these mainly to extend the reach of the balance port - places a lot less strain and pulling (wear and tear) on the balance plugs.



  • 1 x balance port board as shown
  • 1 x 6s balance connector cable as shown


Warning - DO NOT CONNECT balance ports backwards !  Check tabs line up with slots !

Warning - If connecting only one LiPo connect it to the -VE side ONLY -   do NOT connect one LiPo to the +VE side (this is for advanced pro users running multiple batteries in series - if you gethis wrong and connect the wrong battery out of 2 or 3 - you will cause major damage and instantly melt/smoke the balance board !!!

Always select Balance charge (also in settings select "always balance") or Balance storage mode for LiPo !

Always attach the temp cutoff probe on the 106B+ charger to the LiPo and setup this function for added safety!

Always remain within 1-2m of the charger - in the event of malfunction turn of at the wall socket

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