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  • Andromeda v2r1 can be fitted to a Scarab Knife 270mm FPV Quad Racer for LOS or night ID
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LED ring Andromeda v2r1 ultra bright LED orientation with FPV 12v regulator & PDB

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Product Description

LEDs ring  360° SUPER SUPER BRIGHT in full sunlight - RED/White/Blue 3s or 4s -  + 12v FPV cam reg - Andromeda is the nearest galaxy to earth M31 and just the idea of it twists the dark matter in my photographic mind.  so, Why did we invent this Andromeda LED orientation device? OK - Flying a multicopter Line of sight LOS is not easy becuse it can look same same from any angle - Whereis the front? .... in a few seconds orientation of the front of the multicopter can be lost resulting in a crash as the pilot panics. To solve this we use bright leds -  By using these ultra bright LEDs you the pilot can orientate in full sunlight - RED for rear - Blue for the front and both sides have white (helps illuminate the ground in night flying)  

We designed this v2r1 to act as : -
a) a 2mm impact cover for PARIS Sirius™ (standard 72mm diameter all works over dji WookMIMU or NAZA) and
b) to provide a compact Hi-Vis in sunlight pilot orientation colour source - RED/BLUE & white - for full sunlight - total 4W LED - ultra bright
b) to provide reliable 12v regulated FPV output for 4S copters - suitable for 12v cameras and FPV Tx - voltage pass-thru below 12v
c) to provide a 10amp PDB for other devices (like NAZA if fitted)
d) to provide 4 molex power plugs OUTLETS for boom mounted LED strips downward facing (not included)

With PARIS a GND TRIGGER (single earth wire) and triggers all the 20 ultrabright LEDs for arm and other coded signals only the pilot will understand.  Because we fly both 4S 16v and also 3S sometimes (Stealth Scarab) we made sure it works on both 4S and 3S



Features of the v2r1

  • 20 Ultrabright LEDs with SMD resistors to handle everything from 12-16.8 volts  (3S->4S)
  • 12v regulated power for FPV camera/Tx 750ma
  • 4 x 1.25mm molex connectors for boom LED strips - quick connect
  • Dual DC rails GND - connected by jumper pin - allows ring-LEd to be separated from LED leads under booms - optimised for PARIS
  • LEDS have a narrow viewing angle to maintain intensity & can be bent/set to angles you prefer
  • runs on 0.25 amps at 16v
  • Only 16grams
  • Easily visible in FULL SUN daylight at 200m
  • Bright enough Aid to navigation when flying stealth FPV Night Ops
  • Fits the standard 45mm square hole spacing
  • has 8 lead out points to distribute power to additional LED strips if required
  • has 4 input locations to suit your setup or preference
  • SCARAB™ brand
  • fits perfectly under our MulticopterPilot FPV camera domes (keep dome drilled for ventilation
  • Designed, ©  and manufactured in Australia by us - not available on any other website 
  • ROHS green product


  • 1 x Andromeda board with SMD resistors and 204x5mm ultrabright LEDs preinstalled and tested - ready to run on 3S or 4S
  • 1 x female JST connector
  • 1 x 12v FPV male
  • 1 x Aux output - same as input voltage (typically 16.8v 4S)




Andromeda Connection 101

PARIS v4or v5 PARIS - AIR etc boards -

PARIS a) for older than Dec 2013 versions - Cut the jumper wire (if fitted to solder pads - newer versions after Jan 2014 has topside gold jumper-solder pads and no wire - if they are gold - do nothing)
PARIS b) connect the female JST to the main Power distribution Harness PDH
PARIS c) connect the GND TRIGGER on Paris v4 to either one of the GND TRG pins points on the Andromeda v2r1
PARIS d) connect FPV gear such as 12v camera / 12v Video Tx /12v OSD to the 12v FPV lead
PARIS e) connect other high power devices such as search lights - to the outer DC bus lead
PARIS f) connect LED strips to face downward under your quad booms - 10amp limit 




NAZA or WookM boards (Also works with APM or other autopilots as a HiVis ring - but the flashing ability is not active with other autopilots)

  • NAZA a) solder closed the 2 pads on top side to force the Andromeda to on (see photo above)  - newer versions have two gold solder pads on the top (older versions had a jumper wire); solder these together for NAZA, WKM) - the reason you have to do this NAZA is NAZA does not have a GND trigger
  • NAZA b)  connect the female JST to the main Power distribution Harness PDH
  • NAZA c) connect FPV gear such as 12v camera / 12v Video Tx /12v OSD to the 12v FPV lead 
  • NAZA d) conect NAZA PMU to the male 16.8v output lead (short)
  • NAZA e) connect LED strips to face downward under your quad booms - 10amp limit 



Also note that you cannot power the entire copter by USB (PC will limit USB power to 500ma 5v then cut power to the USBbus if amp rating is exceeded) - always remove the props - Tx on - Main LiPo 12v or 16v connected to the Voltair XT60 plug power in (yellow plug)   -  this will power the ESC uBECS - or the Switching uBEC if you have one - this will supply 1-4amps at 5v to the PARIS -  then lastly  - connect USB via FTDi -  to your PC or Mac.

COOLING - Andromeda proces heat from the LDOs and from the LED resistors - and is designed to be air-cooled in flight by airflow - Do not run the andromeda for long periods of time indoors with no cooling air to remove the heat - use a small usb fan or some kind of fan to cool it when attached to a PC for long programming or setup phases.  In normal use flying the andromeda will remain at 35°C - 40°C  - If placing the andromeda under a clear dome - be sure to  drill holes to allow cooling air to circulate inside the dome.  This applies to all domes. Cooling is important and requires AIRFLOW.

When connecting Andromeda to PARIS Led Strip gnd - the LED lights will only come on when the PARIS board is armed (or other event triggering the LEVEL trimming LED- such as if you tilt the PARIS board past 40°)




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