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  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 BetaFlight BorisB - SBus native - "GEL" mounted controller - comes with gel pads under the gyro - mount is 30.5mm
  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 BetaFlight BorisB - Sbus - Race winning controller
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 - Quad
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 - Tricopter Avatar
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 -  Y6
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 - Hex X
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 - FPV Plane
  • CleanFlight motor numbers - Air Hero 32 - FPV Wing
  • example of a AIR Hero 32 fitted to a Knife 200 FPV rig

PARIS Sirius™AirHERO32 r2 BetaFlight - Sbus - Knife 200/240/280 version mount

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129.00 Grams
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Product Description

AirHero32 r2 mini-drone autopilot with full SPI tech for Scarab Knife 200,Knife 240 and Knife 280- the PARIS Sirius™ AIRHERO32 r2   BetaFlight  tuned for Knife    - it's a FULL SPi F1 CPU with direct SPI to gyro connect ; so what is SPi ? (spi = literally 10 x faster than other i2c F1/f3 chip/gyro designs, as they suffer severe data bottleneck from their gyro on i2c - Hero32 does SPI NOT i2c) and Runs BetaFlight at 32bit sampling of the gyro - big diff for Acro  - BorisB BetaFlight makes freestyle Acrobatics easier to fly and has very positive lock for 4 point rolls or flips or inverted moves - uses the CHROME extension style interface UI -  easy plug-n-play interface (free Google Chrome extension)  BETAFlight which allows configuration and settings via USB. Comes ready to fly. no need to alter it.

AirHero32r2 BetaFlightIncludes

  • PARIS Sirius AIRHERO32 r2 F1 spi Flight Controller - the Spi GYRO is 10x faster than other F1 i2c FC
  • "GEL" mount notes - AirHero r2 - the AIR32 is mounted with special "GEL" pads to isolate vibrations and noise from the gyro - allows you to run less filters and get less latency - all dialed in when it arrives
  • Knife 200/240 30.5mm slim mounting version - NO case 
  • includes SBus RC wire installed as DEFAULT (thinner black/red/white wire)
  • comes to you Plug-n-play ....BetaFlight 3.7.1  ... Pre-Configured and tuned for a Mini QuadX such as Knife 240 - just set up your Radio and connect Sbus Rx such as X4R - then verify sticks in BetaFlight UI  

    Note : BEtaFlight 3.7.1 is our favourite update - as supplied with multishot = best
  1.  BetaFlight FAQ is HERE
  2. BetaFlight CLI commands are HERE
  3. For Full data on the AIRHERO32 HERE
  4. Chrome extension is HERE

Note : for Spektrum Rx or any other receiver - just make a comment in the "Comments" box at checkout for "Spektrum 6-pins Wire" - we will replace/exchange the SBus wire with the 6Ch wires - works with any other Receiver with 6 channels pins


mount it with pins facing forwards )or use yaw UI setting for side USB (270°yaw)


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Product Reviews

  1. Fantastic Flight Board

    Posted by Nathan on 13th May 2016

    Fantastic, having very little knowledge of setting up a flight board i couldn't believe how easy this was, first flight with my quad and what can i say it's so smooth, feels locked in with no pid adjustments , very happy i purchase this flight board

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