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PARIS 1" oLED display I2C - 5pin PARIS v5 version

Shipping Weight:
55.00 Grams
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Product Description

OLED for MultiWii PARIS v5 boards - looks like an LCD but are much clearer, emits light,  and work in full sunlight - this unit is black with white backlit text - and is driven by software inside the PARIS v5  -  Plugs directly into PARIS v5Mega IOSD HV port -  This unit is VERY small - around 1" inch square.  


  • Used mainly for instant PID tuning and saving the new PIDS without any PC
  • Also shows Software version and config  ie v2.3 Quad X -
  • Shows 8 channels RC inputs - user values - important for setting and checking end points and mid points for LEVEL mode - can be used to Calibrate a RC Tx 1500 centres without a PC
  • Shows activated Modes with - X
  • Plugs directly into PARIS v5 Mega iOSD


Instructions for USE with PARIS v5

  1. To page through the screens for Whilst DISARMED - Forward Cyclic first - then hold & throw cyclic right to change pages - 1-2-3-4 then goes back to 1
  2. To Tune or change PIDS - DISARMED - Forward cyclic (elev) first - then Apply right YAW (rudd) for 1 sec - then release yaw and cyclic to centre - use back/forward cyclic to scoll up or down the list - use left/right cyclic to change the values
  3. To SAVE PIDs - whilst DISARMED - hold Left YAW first - then throw forward cyclic (ELEV)

Warning NOTE - NEVER use right yaw first !!! The Autopilot will arm !!





a 1" inch OLED - with a HV 5 PIN MOLEX I2C micro JST connector for PARIS v5 - heat shrinked - note latest batch is purple pcb



The OLED by itself shows nothing - it MUST be driven by software inside the PARIS v5 (already loaded in a PARIS v5)

Requires Velcro to mount it - not included

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