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  • 5 dbi High Gain FrSky Antenna for XJT DJT or Taranis Hack Long Range , pigtail , mount
  • 5 dbi High Gain FrSky Antenna for XJT DJT or Taranis Hack Long Range , pigtail , mount
  • 5 dbi High Gain FrSky Antenna for XJT DJT or Taranis Hack Long Range , pigtail , mount

5 dbi High Gain FrSky Antenna for XJT, DJT, Taranis Long Range RC, pigtail , mount Phantom

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Product Description

RP-SMA Long Range* antenna for 2.4Ghz radios and radio modules such as XJT or DJT by FrSky - Can also be hacked to fit a Taranis for additional range (very advanced solder skills required) by drilling a hole in the top left side of the Taranis and mounting the Pigtail, removing the micro-plug and soldering the antenna to the centre pin output (in the place of the existing antenna) - see RCG hacks

 Never point this type of antenna at the aircraft or signal will be lost - max 5 dbi gain obtained when it is closer to sideways-on to the aircraft position in the sky,  and 45° to the ground -- used sideways in this way it extends the Taranis from 2.1km to 3.6km line-of-sight when used correctly for high flying 300-400' RC models 



  • High Gain 5 dbi antenna for 2.4 Ghz RC - RP-SMA for XJT or DJT modules
  • Includes RP-SMA frame mount and pigtail for Taranis hack (requires very advanced strip and solder skills)



  • very easy to fit to XJT module or DJT module - always tilt the antenna to the RC model flying remains/is side-on to the antenna - be aware that NIL RF power comes out the end - this antenna is the opposite to a gun barrel - never point THIS 5 dbi antenna directly at the RC model or drone - 45° to the ground ; and must be SIDEWAYS to the drone = mandatory
  • Risk - if you hack your RF module in your Taranis - AT YOUR OWN RISK - easy job for advanced Techs - otherwise don't try it.
  • Can be fitted by RC Techs as a Long Range Phantom RC antenna & Mount on Ph1 and Ph2 requiring skilled soldering

* long range is obtained by making sure that the drone is at approx 60°-90° to the 5 dbi antenna ;; this means sideways-on to the aircraft in the sky - and the aircraft side Rx antenna must also be sideways relative to the ground Tx position for max range (FYI the 2 drone Rx antenna are held at 90° to each other by zip-ties) - the 5 dbi signal achieves a longer range by virtue of the signal shape - a squashed donut shape - compared to the round "apple" shape of a regular 2 dpi antenna.  With a std 2 dbi antenna you can sometimes at close range, get away with pointing the 2 dbi antenna at the drone (total bad practice) - but with a 5 dbi you will immediately loose contact as this practice of the antenna-pointing straight at a drone, is flawed and a sign of a total "noob" RC pilot.


FrSky 5 dbi high gain antenna - signal shape 

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