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  • CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a 3s-6s OPTO MultiShot Silabs BLHeli "S" supersmooth - Australia AU NZ USA
  • Shown attached to Programming USB Stick Silabs - CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a OPTO MultiShot Silabs BLHeli "S" supersmooth - Australia
  • CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a OPTO MultiShot Silabs BLHeli "S" supersmooth - Australia
  • Select Expert Mode in Option Meanu ; then tick the box - ignore inappropriate MCU - then select the Firmware A-H-20 Multi for CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a
  • The parameters ship like this for CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a
  • we recommend to change them to these settingsfor your CarbonBee BLHeli-S ESC 30a

BLHeli-S ESC 30a 3s-6s OPTO MultiShot CarbonBee BLHeli "S" supersmooth - Australia

Shipping Weight:
39.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

the CarbonBee 30a opto esc used in the Knife 240 is a full BLHeliS hardware PWM ESC with incredible performance , ultra-reliable, low drama and 100% silky smooth 30a continuous or 40a burst - Uses a 48Khz A-H-20 code CPU ; USB select Silabs ; These ESCs will fly beautifully on our supplied default settings -  For future firmware updates use BLHeli and select "Expert Mode" and "tick" the box which then appear at top right called "ignore inapp/MCU" ; then select AH20 firmware only - Team MWC guarantees these ESCs on AH20 - so many of the other blheli-s ESCs on the market are un-reliable - save yourself the hassle and choose The CarbonBee 30a ;  strong active braking in our flight tests, super reliable, smooth response, good start-up and VERY high RPM capability - designed for 3s,4s,5s or 6s but realistically will be used on 4s as prop loads these RPM/AMPs at 5s or 6s will go OTT  

size = 30x16x7mm

weight = 5g

coded - these are supplied programmed with BLHeli 16.3 for Carbonbird / T-motor motors - Fully MULTI-Shot auto detect as supplied; OneShot42 & OneShot125 auto-detect also;  nothing for the user to do - coded by MWC  - 100% compatible/ready

DShot - Tested and fully DShot compatible when using AIR3 HERO flight controller - Download DShot Hex file for AH-20 HERE



  • 1 x Carbon Bee ESC 30a opto - tinned wires (ESC control wire 150mm / / DC input wires 120mm)- 3s-6s capable ; for Knife 240
  • coded with latest AH20 BLHELI-S firmware - ready to fly - BLHeli S - allows changes to coding via Chrome/CleanFlight/BetaFlight interface using your AIR3 flight controller USB port requires BLHeli or newer UI).
  • Includes 1 x clear heatshrink - applied by the user after soldering
  • Includes 1 x CarbonBee 30a warranty sticker - applied by user after heatshrink has cooled down

Excludes / Requires

  • Requires soldering by DIY - use AMTECH 223 flux paste - not included
  • Excludes program STICK if needed - sold HERE (or use CF/BF interface as most pilots do)
  • Excludes reverse voltage protection - if the ESC is shorted or reverse polarity it will be smoked - please take care

This is an original product by CarbonBird - 100% compatible , guaranteed 

WARNING - After a crash if a motor has been damaged/impacted/wires stressed pulled or motor magnets have been over heated - We recommend ditch the motor - Attaching a damaged motor to a new ESC risks damaging the new ESC in turn.

Question - How do i reverse a drones motor direction after i soldered all the wires up on my CarbonBee 30a ESC?  Hardware solution =  swap over any 2 wires of the 3 motor wires and the motor direction will reverse - or Software Solution = use BLHeli software "reverse" feature - in BLHeli UI





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