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5.8Ghz FPV Micro size Tx 25mw - 22 Ch - with rubber antenna

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200.00 Grams
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Product Description

5.8ghz analogue SD Video Tx transmitter 22Ch 25mw  mini with Antenna - This is a VERY small micro sized Citizens legal power 25mw EIRP - Its perfect for anybody without a HAM licence to use as it comes with this low gain antenna - be aware that if you swap out this antenna for a 3-Blade clover antenna + gender changer - then it will have a much greater EIRP of approx 70mW, and twice the range (if youre a HAM). 

When racing or flying in groups of 4 or 8 pilots - the 25mw class is ideal becuase it permits closer spacing without bleed onto adjecent channels - so effectively more pilots can fly together on 25mw than they can on HAM power like 600mw where adjacent close channels will get swamped out as you fly away.  


  • good range and power 25mw is a lot if your Rx Antenna is good you will get 200m (see below) - high efficiency directional Helical Rx antenna can receive this Tx at 450m  -
    Recommend you spend time to find the best antenna position AWAY from receiver antenna
    - whilst in RC RANGE CHECK mode !
  • Fast change DIP switches - small white switches on the back of the Tx
  • FR1  Band A AU ch1 -> ch 8 - (1)5865;(2)5845;(3)5825;(4)5805;(5)5785;(6)5765;(7)5745;(8)not used
  • FR2  Band B AU Ch1-> ch 8 -  (1)5733;(2)5752;(3)5771;(4)5790;(5)5809;(6)5828;(7)5847;(8)5847 
    FR3 - not active 
  • FR4  Band F ch1 -> ch7 -   (1)5740;(2)5760;(3)5780;(4)5800;(5)5820;(6)5840;(7)5860 ;(8) not used 
  • Can handle PAL & NTSC cameras - autoswitching
  • low profile flat design for easy mounting with velcro
  • Input voltage DC - 7-30v (12v recommended- less heat)
  • 8g (19g with antenna fitted)

CE & FCC approved - AU C-Tick

carbonbird-200mw-bands.jpg        carbonbird-200mw-channels.jpg


  • 5.8ghz Micro size Video Transmitter  25mw ERIP  - 22 Ch - see above details (excludes band E)  - for advanced HAM licenced holders (see below)
  • 90° antenna  included !
  • wires as shown - Can be connected to a GoPro out of the box - need a 12v input source for the Tx - or 4S - or diy Connect direct to a FPV camera, see above (camera sold separately) - wiring setup will require soldering if used. For CarbonBird FPV cameras this wire is the same colour code - black->black ; Red->red ; yellow->yellow   - then PWR = red +VE and black to GND


  • Excludes your Ground-station 7"
  • Excludes and Absolutely requires a very good Rx Antenna - see below
  • 5.8ghz-fpv-long-range-antenna.jpg
  • Excludes optional FPV Googles 
  • Excludes FPV training - Excludes FPV consulting service - Excludes How-to-connect OSD instructions - these come from your OSD supplier.
  • Important note : In some countries the aircraft must remain in Line of sight - LOS - for legal reasons of safety to other manned aircraft - so LCD monotor may be legal and Goggles may be illegal - buy is responsible for verifying his legal staus in his country
  • Important Note 2 : FPV video signal transmitters laws and power limitations vary around the world - many countries limit Tx power to 25mw - in some countries its legal to import them and own them but NOT to operate them. please check your country Radio & Telecommunications Spektrum before buying - If you are not sure - please do not buy.  Do not oprate any Transmitter if you are not sure of whom it may effect nearby, including other flyers - for this reason turn on your Rx or ground station first and see who is on-air.
  • NEVER turn on a video transmitter close to another FPV flyier !!!!  
  • NEVER power up a Video Tx without the Antenna fitted fully (or the power lead reversed!) - you will smoke it - check antenna first - !!!!!!!
  • Always make sure you can revert to visual LOS and fly home in full manual mode
  • Always set your Failsafe fully - 100% tested
  • Always do a range check first!
  • Warning : This system may require an advanced HAM licence for Amateur TV in some countries, called ATV ; Check your country rules for use of analogue video transmitters.  Many countries have legacy laws with no band allocation or severe limits to power in spectrum ; may not be used for FPV or drones despite advances in Aerial camera systems and the safety of un-manned flight compared to men risking their lives in aircraft in the past; and you may NOT be able to use this system legally (unless you are a HAM doing non-commercial Ops) based on the frequency bands (above) or the power 600mw ; dependant on your country itself.  5.8Ghz has a very limited range but if used carelessly could interfere with other Spectrum users leading to complaints against you.  Exercise care -> always turn on a receiver first and make SURE nobody else is using the band ! Use a Spectrum analyser to see that the band is clear.  HAM licence holder do this for the same reason to prevent clashes.

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