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  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable
  • the FPV bands in AU/NZ are A, B and F ; (unless you have a ham licence or fly in USA) ~ for best separation use our channel chart we made here to fly with mates ; if 4 guys fly use the green bands for best separation and range

5.8Ghz FPV Tx 200mw - 20 Ch AUS Telecommand - 90 degree RP-SMA - with CloverLeaf and GoPro Cable

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125.00 Grams
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Product Description

5.8ghz analogue SD Australian/NZ Telecommand Video transmitter 20Ch 200mw 90° mini with custom cloverleaf Antenna for Advanced HAM holders

included cable is Perfect for GoPro 3, 3+ or GoPro 4 owners (cannot fit GoPro 1 nor GoPro 2 sorry) - or use the 2nd solder optional cable for other FPV cams


  • good range from 200mw  <7g Tx -  low cross channel interference (compared to a 600mw these Tx are better suited to racing or social flying as they allow close channels NOT to be swamped which is what happens if you try to mix more than one 600mw in the same spot) - These tiny 200mw RP-SMA have all overseas channels locked out - Practical and usable FPV range - YES - if your Rx Antenna is good you will get 400-500m  with a carbon Drone (see pwr warnings below) - compact <7gram  design -
  • Mounting - When mounting in a mini-drone consider the forces on the exposed antenna in a crash - we recommend to mount the Tx on the lower deck and zip-tie the mid point of the flex-antenna as it passes thru a hole in the upper deck - this way, in a crash no "G" force is dished out to the Tx PCB and the antenna flex simply bends - For Carbon Recommend you spend time to find the best airframe mount position 50mm AWAY from receiver antenna whilst in RANGE CHECK modes !!! Be aware that different frequencies emit different levels of power      
  • Consideration of others - Ch interference - You must not create interference with other pilots - if you arrive to fly - always check the Rx/Screen/Goggles first to be sure your Ch is not being used!!  then turn on lastly.

We have programmed these Tx to permanently LOCK-OUT (red) the 12 channels which are not within the AUS Telecommand band - if you set the DIP switch to a LOCK-OUT Channel it will remain on the previously assigned BLACK Ch you were on before. AS NZS 4268-2012 Radio equipment and systems - Short range devices) telecommand - compliant within Telecommand band 5725-5795 ;  5815-5875 

  •  Band A ch1 -> ch 8 - (1)5865;(2)5845;(3)5825;(4)5805;(5)5785;(6)5765;(7)5745;(8)5725 
  •  Band B  Ch1-> ch 8 -  (1)5733;(2)5752;(3)5771;(4)5790;(5)5809;(6)5828;(7)5847;(8)5866 
  •  Band E  Ch1 -> ch8 -  (1)5705;(2)5685;(3)5665;(4)5645;(5)5885;(6)5905;(7)5925;(8)5945 
  •  Band F  ch1 -> ch8 -   (1)5740;(2)5760;(3)5780;(4)5800;(5)5820;(6)5840;(7)5860;(8)5880 


  • First turn on your Rx Goggles or Ground Station and make sure nobody is flying on the channel you will use
  • change DIP switches - small white switches on the back of the Tx - make sure the antenna is connected - then power up
  • Can handle PAL & NTSC cameras - auto-switching
  • low profile flat design for easy mounting with velcro
  • Input voltage DC - 7-30v (12v recommended- less heat)
  • 6.8g (17g with 90° antenna fitted)

carbonbird-200mw-bandsef.jpg    carbonbird-200mw-channels.jpg


  • 5.8ghz AUS Telecommand Video Transmitter  200mw - some countries freq's advanced HAM licenced holders (see below)
  • 90°  RP-SMA now on the PCB itself (effective 28 Sept 2015)  !
  • 3 bladed 5.8ghz custom Tx Antenna CarbonBird included !
  • wires as shown - Connect direct to the new FPV camera, see above (camera sold separately) - wiring setup will require soldering if used. For CarbonBird FPV cameras this wire is the same colour code - black->black ; Red->red ; yellow->yellow   - then PWR = red +VE and black to GND

Note 1 : if channel reverts to A1 on powercycle - flick switch 1 up/down or down/up to re-gain the channel

Note 2 : Use Thermal Pads HERE - heat transfer Gel to dissipate as much heat as possible 


  • GoPro Cable does NOT charge the GoPro - so be sure to charge your GoPro before hand - a fully charged GoPro battery should last 1.5hrs
  • Excludes your Ground-station Rx
  • Excludes optional FPV Googles 
  • Excludes FPV training - Excludes FPV consulting service - Excludes How-to-connect OSD instructions - these come from your OSD supplier.
  • Important note : In some countries the aircraft must remain in Line of sight - LOS - for legal reasons of safety to other manned aircraft - so LCD monitor may be legal and Goggles may be illegal - buy is responsible for verifying his legal staus in his country
  • Important Note 2 : This device is a Telecommand FPV video signal transmitter, laws and power limitations vary around the world - many countries limit Tx power to 25mw - in some countries its legal to import them and own them but NOT to operate them. please check your country Radio & Telecommunications Spektrum before buying - If you are not sure - please do not buy.  Do not oprate any Transmitter if you are not sure of whom it may effect nearby, including other flyers - for this reason turn on your Rx or ground station first and see who is on-air.
  • NEVER turn on a video transmitter close to another FPV flyer flyer!!!!  
  • NEVER power up a Video Tx without the Antenna fitted fully (or the power lead reversed!) - you will smoke it - check antenna first - !!!!!!!
  • Always make sure you can revert to visual LOS and fly home in full manual mode
  • Always set your Failsafe fully - 100% tested
  • Always do a range check first!
  • Warning : This Telecommand system for AU/NZ may require an advanced HAM licence for Amateur TV in some other countries, called ATV ; Check your country rules for use of analogue video transmitters.  Always check the CH &  BAND before turning ON - to prevent interference -  if used carelessly could interfere with other Spectrum users leading to complaints against you.  Bes tpractice - Exercise care -> always turn on a receiver first and make SURE nobody else is using the band ! Use a pocket Spectrum analyser to see that the band is clear.  HAM licence holder do this for the same reason to prevent clashes.
  • fpv-bands-comparison-for-races-in-au.jpg

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Product Reviews

  1. Fantastic little vtx

    Posted by Martin Ward on 22nd Jul 2015

    I've been using this vtx for around 6 months now and cannot fault it. It has great range for such a tiny, lightweight vtx. It's amazing value for money considering the performance, a product that will surpass your expectations.

  2. Small, light and plenty of juice!

    Posted by Michael Morris on 9th Jan 2015

    I was amazed at the size and skeptical about performance. But in this case size doesn't matter. Great range and clear video. Very impressed!

  3. Fantastic little TX

    Posted by Wayne Shephard on 20th Sep 2014

    I was so surprised when this turned up, I soldered up a 3 pin JR plug and fitted a camera to it, it's fantastic and has a great range with the supplied aerial, I've got heaps of TX's from Boscam and this one seems to manage as good range as the 400 Watt Boscam I have, the aerial seems to stay online in a better manner too, for example shifting around in the sky and interrupting the path to the ground unit with a wing or tail sometimes causes dropouts, fuzziness etc, this little fellow hangs in for longer and dropouts are very brief, not enough to bother me.
    It's hard to not buy several more, I have three now and will buy more as I get more models, it's a dead set bargain.

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