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  • GoPro 170° Lens - FPV Glass lens superwide for Yi/GoPro/1177 FPV cams HD  au nz usa
  • GoPro 170° Lens - FPV Glass lens superwide for Yi/GoPro/1177 FPV cams HD  au nz usa

GoPro 170° Lens - Glass lens superwide for Yi/GoPro/1177 FPV cams HD

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95.00 Grams
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Product Description

This ia a 170° FOV FPV non-distorting glass lens replacement for a scratched/damaged GoPro or a Xiaomi Yi lens - Also favoured by FPV pilots for 1177 1/3" FPV Cams provides 125°FOV sharp with excellent colour 


  1. Mount Type:, thread M12
  2. 15 Megapixels + - sharpness is very good ( the final sharpness point requires careful focusing before lockdown)
  3. With IR Block Filter (suits normal daytime use in visible light)
  4. Mount: M12*0.5-6g
  5. Aperture ƒ 2.4
  6. Iris = Fixed
  7. Image Size 1/2.3" (also suitable for 1/3")
  8. Sensor suited too - CCD/CMOS
  9. (F.O.V.)(D/H/V): 170° on 1/2" CCD or 125° on 1/3" CCD
  10. Distortion -2%
  11. M.O.D   0.3m
  12. Dimension Ø12 x Φ 16 X 20mm



  • 12mmØ thread barrel 170° GoPro lens - screws directly into Xiaomi Yi / 1177 FPV style cameras
  • Front lens cap - clear, push on type


  • Excludes Yi camera
  • Excludes locking ring for FPV - re-use your old lock ring
  • Excludes tools - easy to fit and focus (caution do not screw down too far onto your CCD
  • Excludes focusing - you need video out HDMI or use the Yi APP on your phone to focus it yourself - the focus is very sharp if set accurately
  • Excludes Training - You are responsible if you brick your Yi or your GoPro - don't buy this if your not prepared to accept that - your risk to crack open the camera and do the install
  • Excludes instructions 
  • Excludes copter
  • Excludes Gimbal etc
NOTES to change the lens:  Easy job - at your own risk to man up and do it
  1. Unplug leads power/battery from your Yi camera
  2. Warning - do not touch the new lens - especially the back - with your fingers!
  3. Pop off the lens front white faceplate covers on the Yi  
  4. remove the glue which holds the existing lens - hot melt - use a sharp awl or blade tip to clear the glue - no need for any heat - be patient - the lens will now unscrew counterclockwise - make 1005 sure no dust is present to get insid ethe camera with the lens off
  5. Place this focusing chart 2-4m from the camera (or you  can simply open it on your Laptop - no need to print it - foucus on the laptop at least 5m away)
  6. Connect an HDMI cable from the Yi to your HDTV - or use the yi app
  7. Insert this lens into your Yi - red side down - slowly turn the lens ClockWise CW to find the thread - almost zero force! don't cross thread it! - it will wind CW inward  The lens must NEVER be screwed too far down onto the CCD ! take care
  8. Once you are happy with the focus - apply new hot glue
  9. Re-install the faceplate - clips in

NOTE : Not made by GoPro - these lenses are "compatible with goPro" and manufactured by another lens factory


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