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  • drone Booms 12mm/10mm Y6 Carbon Scarab - 300mm uncut - set of 3 - 12mm OD Ø
  • Booms 12mm/10mm Y6 Carbon Scarab - 300mm uncut - set of 3
  • Booms 12mm/10mm Y6 Carbon Scarab - 300mm uncut - set of 3

Booms 12mm/10mm Y6 Carbon Scarab - 300mm uncut - set of 3

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140.00 Grams
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Product Description

These are CarbonBird® 300mm double thickness (co-axial engine) booms - these booms can handle the forces of a double engine mount on a YSiix and a give the strength you need to fly with confidence.  These booms can also be fitted to both the Stealth Scarabs (cut in half with diamond saw) - or to make an X8 co-axial configuration from a QuadOcta.  These Carbon booms are 6 layer 3K weave genuine 100% CF - nothing like fake cf veneer helicopter booms from other suppliers who make fibeerglass look like carbon.


Carbon Scarab Crash Kit "Y6"coaxial booms set of 3  - Includes

  • Double thickness 6 layer, matt finish, 3K weave Full CF carbon booms
  • 12.00mm OD ; 10mm ID  (OD tolerance is 0.1mm)
  • 300mm length uncut
  • 17g each (@ full uncut 300mm legth if used this way)



3 x 100% Genuine Carbon CarbonBird® -  12/10mm 300mm Length


Compatible Scarabs

  • YSiix
  • QuadOcta built as X8 (four booms with 8 engines)
  • Stealth Armour
  • Stealth Reconn (you will need to remove the engine key mounts if choosing double thickness booms like these - a) becuase they will need to be sanded to 10mm to fit b) because the boom itself is structurally capable of opposing the cooler compression force)

NOTE: Because the inside diameter is 10mm they will not accept regular inserts (11mm) without sand down the inserts 

NOTE: If you want these cut in half on our diamond saw for your Stealth - please make a note on the Order Comments box - cut size is 6*148mm booms

NOTE : If you want them cut on our diamond saw to match your existing booms -> ie 260mm make a note on comments section of Shopping Cart


All crashes are avoidable through discipline and training.  Minimise your risk.

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Product Reviews

  1. strong carbon

    Posted by John on 9th Nov 2015

    The last motor I had shorted out because my quadcopter took a hard crash and yanked some of the inner wires loose near the base of my motor ,from the cheaper weaker carbon fiber boom stick I was using, that wasn't cross hatch double plated like the ones MWC sells here. I learned my lesson and got these better, longer MWC carbon fiber booms multi sells so the gimbal can be tightened and stay on better if there happens to be another crash.

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