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  • High RPM Props Set NylonCarbon 10"x4.5 CW/CCW AU NZ
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High RPM Props Set NylonCarbon 10"x4.5 CW/CCW

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129.00 Grams
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Product Description

A Set of 4 High RPM props -  10 x 4.5" - these props are a matching set of 2 x CW(R) and 2 x CCW(standard) low pitched multicopter props -slow flyer NYLON - CARBON stiff composite injected - for high RPM - 10,500.  Buyer must be aware All props require balancing for aerial video work. 2 bladed props develop better overall efficiency than a 3 bladed prop - but they are more difficult to balance for perfect video ops (lateral balance Chord wise balance) - rigid stiff 2 bladed props also produce vibrations at high forward speeds as they are not able to flap-to-equality when moving from the advancing side to the retreating side of the arc - this shows on video compared to the 9050 triples.  For flat hovering and slow manoeuvring - they cannot be beaten for lift and thrust on low disc loading machines.  These slow style spoon props develop must of their thrust in the outboard section.


  1. 10"x 4.5 pitch 1045 fixed pitch propeller set
  2. High RPM version - better balanced
  3. Strong NYLON -CARBON composite - matt black - These are NOT carbon Props - they are Nylon props with Carbon Uni-fibres in the injection mould material - Hence NylonCarbon composite.
  4. Super light weight 11.1grams - perfect for rapid speed changes to stabilise multiwiicopters
  5. 6.1mm ID bored with rear 9.5mm OD insert receiver on lower side
  6. Requires 10mm shaft length/salvage to mount it.
Our Performance data (Actual test done by us in our workshop using OUR motors - CarbonBird)
  • CarbonBird 775kv motor - 4S 16.8v  - 50% hover setting  0.46kg thrust ; 5100rpm ; 3.6amps  :::::   WOT 100% ESC rating test  1.05kg thrust ; 8100rpm ; 13.2Amps   (18amp ESC Required)
  • CarbonBird CinePro880kv motor4S 16.8v  - 50% hover setting  0.79kg thrust ; 6720rpm ; 9.2amps  :::::   WOT 100% ESC rating test  1.85kg thrust ; 10,470rpm ; 35Amps (40amp ESC Required)


  • 4 props as you see in Photo 1 at right - 2 CW(R) and 2 CCW
  • 4 x 5mm inserts - suits 5mm shaft motors or 5mm Prop Adapters (PA)
  • 4 x 6mm inserts - suits 6mm shaft motors or 6mm Prop Adapters (PA)
  1. Balancing - all props require balancing to function correctly for Aerial Photography - use balance tape or clear spray or use blade sanding/scape techniques - prop must balance at any angle and stay at that angle/position on a balancer.
  2. Limitations - Do not exceed the max RPM - 10,500
  3. Inspect props before every flight for white fatigue cracks or damage from transport or handling - replace immediately any fault seen - prop loss or failure can result in immediate and complete loss of control of a Quad or TriiKopta. If your copter crashes its entirely 100% the problem and responsibility of the pilot who signed off the preflight inspection of the prop - if your props strike something - replace them.
• Keep your PROPS OFF - not installed - until you are fully conversant/understand in full the functions of your Tx in full including TRAV (end Points), the arm and disarm procedures -  realise that for a Noob skiping or out-of-order set-up steps or moving sticks, or even static -  PROPS may start at anytime without warning.  Never install props prior to calibration of the ESC and testing the gyro orientation, and arm/disarm testing of the board - YOU are responsible - make sure your actions and your Copter is safe.

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Product Reviews

  1. Quality prop set

    Posted by Ash on 19th May 2012

    Great set of props' they track well and are easy to balance requiring minimal corrections, hub hole is well centered.

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