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PARIS 1" OLED 128x64 PID tuning screen - AIRv2 - Hero•32

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55.00 Grams
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Product Description

OLED for MultiWii PARIS Air and AIR v2 boards - looks like an LCD but are much clearer, emits light,  and work in full sunlight or dawn, late afternoon flights too - this unit is black with white backlit text - and is driven by software inside the PARIS v4r6  -  Plugs directly into PARIS AIR v2 - v4r5 and v4r6  or can be soldered to the LV (low voltage 3.3v only) I2C bus of any PARIS v4.  This unit is VERY small - around 1" inch square.  If you have a v4r3 or v4r5 please be sure to activate OLED in code first and update your firmware (this is already done by us on PARIS v4r6 as suppled) Hero•32 -  user must swap over SDA/SCA (yellow/green wires) - then in CleanFlight turn on DISPLAY in config UI


  • No soldering
  • Used mainly for instant PID tuning and saving the new PIDS without needing a PC/Mac in the field
  • Also shows Software version and config  ie v2.3 Quad X -
  • Shows 8channels RC inputs - user values - important for setting and checking end points and mid points for LEVEL mode - can be used to Calibrate a RC Tx 1500 centres without a PC
  • Shows activated Modes with - X
  • Plugs directly into PARIS AIR v2 - or older v4r5 and v4r6  (for v4r5 with GPS already installed - then OLED must be soldered to 3.3v LV Bus pins)
  • Plugs into Hero•32 - but user must swap over SDA/SCA (yellow/green wires) - then in CleanFlight turn on DISPLAY


Instructions for USE with AIR* - REQUIRES 5v power on ESC side to operate !!! cannot operate on USB power alone (with any AIR or Paris v4r3 or v4r5 or v4r6 or v5 after you have updated/commented the firmware for oLED)

  1. To page through the screens for Whilst DISARMED - Forward Cyclic first - then hold & throw cyclic right to change pages - 1-2-3-4 then goes back to 1
  2. To Tune or change PIDS - DISARMED - Forward cyclic (elev) first - then Apply right YAW (rudd) for 1 sec - then release yaw and cyclic to centre - use back/forward cyclic to scoll up or down the list - use left/right cyclic to change the values
  3. To SAVE PIDs - whilst DISARMED - hold Left YAW first - then throw forward cyclic (ELEV)

Warning NOTE - NEVER use right yaw first !!! The Autopilot will arm !!




a 1" inch OLED - with a 4 PIN LV 3.3v [email protected] micro JST connector for PARIS AIR or v4r6 (or v4r5) - heat shrinked - note latest batch is purple pcb



  • SOFTWARE DRIVEN - The OLED by itself shows nothing when - it MUST be driven by comment firmware/software inside the PARIS AIR, v4r6 (already loaded in a PARIS v4r6 - in AIR can only be set to oLED or to GPS - not both due to memory limits as both function use a lot of memory) - PARIS v5 has lots of memory and will always show oLED when connected.
  • Requires Velcro to mount it - not included


NOTE : Do not connect to the 5v HV lines or you will smoke it - Only connect to a 4Pin LV 3.3v data side I2C

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