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How can I get my Taranis X8R to use S-Bus 1-8 and other pins 9-16 for camera gimble tilt, roll and shutter

How can I get my Taranis X8R to use S-Bus 1-8 and other pins 9-16 for camera gimble tilt, roll and shutter?

I want to be able to tilt my camera down and shoot photos.



Yes this works great for PARIS v5r3 or dji autopilots too like NAZA or Phantom or Wookong 


  1. Backup all your Models to the SDCard First !  One at a time - select menu/longpress ENT/-/ENT
  2. Download and install the STM loader software here
  3. Download the latest FrSky Taranis PLUS+ Firmware here ; then use DfuSeDemo to update your Taranis firmware (unzip it first) with your PC software (DfuSeDemo) via USB (Taranis is off for loading firmware)
  4. NOTE: At your own risk - Do not use Plus firmware on a older Taranis as the LCD wont function at all - theoriginal Taranis firmware is HERE)
  5. Program your X8R to Mode4 for Sbus&9->16 - Jumper1-> & 3->4 and powerup/BIND to Taranis D16 mode
  6. You will now get Sbus 1->16 on Sbus and also pins 1-8 will now output Ch9->16 for the Camera Tilt/Roll etc
  7. Go into Taranis MIXER page 6/12 set assign switches or knobs VR to your needs (MENU/PAGE/PAGE/PAGE/PAGE/PAGE)
  8. Re-Calibrate your sticks and pots 8/8
  9. Restore your models from your back-ups (see1 above)

 note - if you to Run OpenTx 2 (2.0.15 or other latest) BUT cannot connect by USB - Open Tx does not see the USB connection to my Taranis - device not connected? (Taranis on/off switch set to off)

This is caused by the wrong STM driver for USB - do the following for windows Pcs

  1. Connect your Taranis by USB but leave it OFF
  2. Download Zadig HERE - it will autorun
  3. Select show ALL devices frm the menu - then Select STM32 Bootloader should appear at the top of the drop down
  4. press Install driver
  5. OpenTx will now see your Taranis and you will be able to update firmware (at your own risk)

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